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Gackt to Release Two Best Albums in July

Back in April we’ve already mentioned that Gackt is planning to release a new album. It has now been revealed that he will release not only one but two new albums!

The release date for his two best albums “BEST OF THE BEST vol.1 -MILD-" and "BEST OF THE BEST vol.1 -WILD-" is set for July 3rd. There are almost no details on the track lists yet but you can tell from the titles that the first one will probably include soft and melodious songs while the second one will include his heavier works. We know that one or both albums will feature his new songs "CLAYMORE" that is the theme song for the Japanese version of the movie "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" and "sakura chiru”.

Each album comes in three different versions: The album + blu-ray cost 5040 Yen, the album + DVD cost 4410 Yen and the album version that doesn’t include DVD or blu-ray costs 3150 Yen and is CD-only.

If you want to buy both albums it’s probably the best to think about buying the Limited Edition box-set “BEST OF THE BEST vol. 1 M/W" that includes both albums and comes with a special item. The album + blu-ray cost 13,650 Yen and the album + DVD 12,075 Yen.


GACKT’s new song chosen as image song for Japanese version of ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’

GACKT’s new song, “CLAYMORE“, has been chosen as the image song for the Japanese version of movie, ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D‘.

“CLAYMORE” features GACKT’s mysterious and powerful singing voice. It perfectly matches the movie’s atmosphere which takes place in a city that’s surrounded by ash and fog. GACKT’s new song can also be heard in the trailer for the movie. The horror film is an adaptation of the popular game, ‘Silent Hill‘, and it will open in theaters on July 12.

Furthermore, “CLAYMORE” will be included in GACKT’s new best-of album that’s set for release on July 3rd. More details on the album will be revealed through his official website in the coming days.

Listen and watch preview here.


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